Dental Emergencies

Quickly Treat Your Dental Emergencies In Glendale, Co


Dental emergencies in Glendale, CO can pop up at any time. Our emergency dentist and team are here to address your dental concerns, repair your mouth, and most importantly, resolve your dental pain.

Come to our office to fix dental problems and:

  • Immediate oral pain relief.
  • Management of issues before they get worse.
  • Access to a full range of treatments like restorative dentistry.
  • Care-free procedures using safe sedation dentistry.

If a patient calls by noon, they will be seen that very day! Contact us now or keep our number handy in case you need an emergency dentist later.

Stay Pain-Free & Restore Teeth After Dental Trauma

A dental emergency can mean everything from chipped teeth to failing restorations, broken teeth, and even dislodged teeth. At My Cherry Creek Dentist (formerly Dr. Lowery’s Dental Group), we have the tools and solutions to manage your pain and restore your mouth.

Take a look at these advantages of our urgent dental care:

  • Accessibility: Call our office by noon, and you’ll most likely be treated the same day. Our doctors also make time to treat patients after hours by providing a number on our voicemail for you to call or text.
  • Sedation Dentistry: Sedation can keep you at ease in the dental chair and resolve dental pain. Our heavier form of sedation, oral sedation, also allows us to perform multiple treatments at just one visit.
  • Restoring Damaged Teeth: Our office has several ways to restore your smile. We can cover chips or cracks with dental veneers or restore damaged teeth with high-strength crowns. We’ll gently remove teeth that are beyond saving.
  • Replacing Missing Teeth: We’ll address your immediate need and any pain when you come in with a lost tooth. If needed, you can replace missing teeth with bridges, dentures, or even dental implants. The right tooth replacement option depends on your smile goals and budget.

We’re here to manage dental emergencies in Glendale and quickly resolve any dental issues. My Cherry Creek Dentist wants to keep your mouth functional and beautiful. Contact us today!

What our Patients have to say!

“She always takes time to ask how I am throughout the whole process”.

“Absolutely amazing staff”

“So gentle that I have learned I can relax and trust her”

“I love the cheerful attitudes”

“Everyone was nice and actually gentle. I came in terrified and left happy. Best experience I have had at a dentist.”

“It feels like family when I am at Dr. Lowery’s office. I laugh through my whole appointment – without laughing gas.”

“You make me feel so comfortable and did not judge my past” ..

“I have the prettiest crown I have ever seen. I love it!

“It’s a scary thing to trust someone with your smile, but you easily gained my trust and made the whole experience great and fun!”