Your Glendale Emergency Dentist Wants You to Be Prepared

Running family playing a game in a field with a large ball

It’s An Emergency! Do you know what to do to save a tooth until you can see an Glendale emergency dentist?

Kids of all ages play hard, and dental emergencies will happen. So, to help you be prepared, we’ve compiled a list of the common oral injuries we see at My Cherry Creek Dentist and how to treat them until you can get in to see us.

Lost or broken tooth:

This is the most common dental injury. First, calm and reassure the child. Then find the missing tooth (holding it by the crown, not roots) or pieces of the tooth. If it is a permanent tooth, place it in a fresh cup of milk and get to the dentist immediately! Call (720) 408-7264 right away!

Broken jaw:

After a blow to the face, if the jaw seems out of alignment … it could be broken. This will require a trip to the emergency room. Call 911 and stay still and calm until help arrives.

Broken braces/wires:

As tempting as it may be, do not move wires stuck into cheeks, gums, or tongue. Cover the braces with wax or gauze and get the child to a Glendale emergency dentist immediately.


Try flossing around the sore area to remove any lodged food debris. Then rinse with warm saltwater and apply a cold compress. If this doesn’t help, see a dentist as soon as possible. Call (720) 408-7264 and we’ll fit you in!

Cut tongue, lip, or cheek:

Clean the area with a clean, wet cloth. Then, to stop the bleeding, apply pressure using the cloth. If bleeding persists for more than 15 minutes, see a dentist or doctor. If the bleeding is heavy, head to the nearest emergency room.

Accidents happen, so be prepared! Fit your kids with a custom sports mouthguard, keep our number nearby and contact us for any dental emergency in Glendale. We’re here when you need us … and we’d be happy to help.