Amenities For Comfort & Peace Of Mind From Your Dentist in Glendale

relaxing image of a fluffy folded town, bamboo, and wooden toothbrushes

When you visit My Cherry Creek Dentist, we work hard to ensure your visits are calming and comfortable – and this includes providing a variety of options to choose from if you’d like a little distraction during your treatments.

Personal TV Monitor With Choice Of TV or Netflix

How do you prefer to pass the time while having your dental work completed? Let us know and we’ll help you access your choice of streaming or TV options.

Warm, Cozy Blankets

Is there anything quite like the comfort gained from wrapping yourself up in a warm, cozy blanket? If you’re like we are, you’ll love the option. Ask for it at your appointment!

Neck Pillows

For your added comfort, ask for a neck pillow. Our dental chairs are already quite comfortable but adding a neck pillow takes it to the next level of bliss!

Hand Paraffin Treatments & Warm Towels

Relax, recharge, and feel pampered as we work together as a team to keep your smile healthy or reinvent it entirely – and when you leave, your hands will feel as well-cared for as your mouth!

Inhaled Sedation

This colorless gas effectively reduces pain and anxiety, and sometimes, patients feel a euphoric effect. You’ll feel the sedation effect quickly and, once the mask is removed, its effects wear off quickly.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Take a pill before your appointment to produce a calming effect. It minimizes fear and reduces memory of the dental care you receive. You’ll need someone to bring you to your dental appointment and take you home.

If you want or need any of these options, we’d love to provide them for you at your next visit to a dentist in Glendale. Contact us to request a convenience appointment or call (720) 408-7264 to speak with our friendly team in person. We have many ways to ensure your comfort – at every appointment.